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Multimedia Stage Performance

Seamless choreography that are enhanced by each movement and song beat, each emphasised and directed by curated multimedia – creating performances that transport the audience into narrative time leap, creating an unforgettable moment.

Ready-to-go performance

We offer multimedia stage performances that are ready to be utilise for your event.

Our multimedia stage performance are crafted for event format.

We will personalise the performance to provide a more custom feel for your event. Personalisation may include:

  • Event Title
  • Event Logo/Client’s Logo

Just to name a few of such performances:

  • Choreographed dance performance with multimedia screen
  • LED & Laser suit performance
  • Choreographed Band with LED screen
  • Choreographed safety dance with multimedia screen

custom content performance

Running out of ideas for original choreography to convey meaning and conjure imagery to keep audiences interested?

Why not creating a cohesive content performance from scratch in which the actions, music and images seem to come together, making the whole thing seem totally integrated.

Come to us with your envisioned ideas and we will create a versatile multimedia performance that will complement the overall event theme design.

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